Naughty Nautical

Another trend I’m seeing happening with myself this summer (besides all the fruit) is that when I can’t think of a name for a design I end up using the name of a polish in the manicure. This one’s pretty fitting though, isn’t it?

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20 / ?? Manicures in my Comeback Series

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Alice in Wonderland

I had no idea what kind of design to do with the water decals I was reviewing and I ended up trying to do an Alice in Wonderland Tea Party thing??? Not sure it came across that well but I wasn’t sure what to do with those lace decals!
You can check out the full review below and remember to use the code FHX31for 10% off at BPS!

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Product Review: Floral Lace Water Decals

More reviews for Born Pretty; as always don’t forget to check out their Nail Art section for other cool products.

Today I tried out some lace and floral water decals. When I asked to try them out I had a faint idea in my head about making a tea part theme and I kind of expanded that to Alice in Wonderland Tea Party.


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Sweet Summer

I don’t think I’ll be getting enough of fruit manicures any time soon and here’s the latest testament to that fact. I love how light and cute they are for summer!

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This may seem like a totally stupid question but do you paint the designs on fake nails and put them on or your real nails? How do you keep fake nails from ruining your actual nails because I tried if once and my nails weren't normal again for like 2 weeks

Hey anon, it’s not a stupid question at all!
I paint all of my designs directly onto my real nails though, so I’ve never actually had any experience with fake nails.
I wish I could help you out more but yeah, no idea how to keep fake nails from harming your natural nails. Sorry!!

What is the dark black polish you sometimes use that has glitter in it but is very chunky and textured? I don't want to call it 'gritty' but you know what I mean!

Hey anon, I do know what you mean!
You’re talking about the polish used here and here, right?
It’s Essie’s Belugaria!

can you do something beth ditto inspired? also, can you do something beige-y tone-on-tones?

I’ll see what I can do anon; I’ll put it on my list ~