Mani Swap!

I’m so excited about my very first mani swap with the lovely Robin of roaringnails! She’s super sweet and always has cute nails; I really admire her designs.

Originals are on the left and recreations are on the right; didn’t they both turn out well? I love her recreation!

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Under the Sea

I figured I had room for one last really summery manicure before the season is over so here we go!
I really like how the water turned out; I might use this technique more often!

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Then and Now: Scaled Down

Sorry for being MIA for the past week but I do have a legitimate excuse: I was in Scotland for my cousin’s wedding!
Theses are the nails I had for the wedding and they’re a recreation of a design I did last March, (but with much improvement)!

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Electric Shock

It’s been a really rainy summer this year so I finally decided to embrace the wet weather and turn it into a nail design!
The first picture is in regular lighting and the other two are under brighter, more intense light so that the gradient is visible.

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A Whale of a Time

Super simple watercolour polkadots today.
Inspired by a cute whale notepad we have in our house!

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Nail Art Tutorial: Camo + Cat-eye

Another request from from a follower on Instagram, here’s a tutorial for my Red Light design featuring camouflage and a red cat eye. 


Nail Art Tutorial: Rose Compass (+ Bonus Rope)

I was asked to put together a little tutorial for this design so here it is.
The striped part under the rope is just made with striping tape so I didn’t think it needed to be included in the pictorial.
And with the rope, just keep drawing the same “s” shapes beside each other.


As requested, here is the video tutorial for my L(ove) nails.
There are honestly so many great galaxy tutorial videos out there so I concentrated more on the design from the thumbnail than doing an in-depth galaxy tutorial.

In celebration of finally getting that email I was waiting for while painting these, here’s another shot of my Exo-L galaxy design!
As requested, I’m also currently working on a video tutorial for these, so stay tuned.

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